Gold Coast Deck Repair and Deck Maintenance

Gold Coast Deck Repair - Handyman repairing a deck in Palm Beach, Queensland

Building new decks for more than a decade, Best Coast Handyman in Queensland started their business as a repair company and have expanded and grown into one of the Gold Coasts most respected and preferred builders and repairers of decks and balconies.

The main source of material for many years has been Redwood of Douglas Fir. However, we’ve had several bookings to build decks from composite materials and there are several elements that make the choice between wood or made from composites an important one to think about as there are several factors to consider:

1. Superior Fire Rating
2. Termite or other pest damage
3. No wood rot because of the harsh Queensland sun

Gold Coast Deck Cleaning and Damage Prevention

Cleaning & refinishing your deck or patio will greatly increase its usable lifespan. Because wood is an organic material, if it’s not protected properly it will break down over time from the damaging effects of the elements. Queensland’s strong sun, consistent rain and occasional hail means constent upkeep isn’t just a good idea it’s critical in avoiding mold and wood rot. To avoid damage to your wooden deck or balcony it should be stained and sealed every 1 or 2 years to maintain its color and protect it.

Gold Coast deck repair and preventative services are also offered by Best Coast Handyman – such as:

• Deck power washing and cleaning
• Deck staining
• Deck sealing
• Deck refinishing
• Rust removal and refinishing
• Repairing & re-tensioning railings

Removing rust & repainting deck fence in Elanora Queensland

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Micheal Reidy
The handyman I normally used was on holiday but he sent me Tony’s information and said “this is the guy who taught me everything I know”. Which is awesome because we had just bought a rental house that needed major facelift. Tony hung a security screen door, installed closet doors, painted, electrical work, mounted mirror, installed faucets, r/r light fixtures and wall plates, stucco patch n paint. Plus picked up large items at Bunnings for the job. If there is something Tony can’t fix it, then it can’t be fixed. Fair price; terrific work.
Micheal Reidy Palm Beach, QLD