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If you’re looking for a reliable, experienced & friendly handyman in Currumbin you’ve come to the right place. Local handyman extraordinar David Hay has been helping residents of Elanora with all types of home repairs for almost 10 years. Check out our before and after photos to see some of the work we’ve done right here in Elanora.

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Currumbin is a beautiful coastal township on the Gold Coast region of Queensland. It has a population of 2,785 and is growing rapidly. Since 1947 tourists have flocked to the landmark of this area. The home of the iconic Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary. It takes up a considerable area of land on either side of the highway next to Flat Rock Creek. The first European to obtain land in this area was Samuel William Grey. In 1904 Isle, Love and Co advertised Currumbins first subdivisions for sale.

Throughout this period the beach and valley areas industry and tourism increased immensely in Currumbin. Historically, many houses in this town date back to around the 1920s. This area also accommodates numerous fibro beach houses (fibrous cement sheeting). Over the years a lot of real estate development has materialized in this region. It comprises numerous high rise buildings that back into the hillside of Pacific Parade. This area has far more natural vegetation than other areas of the coast. Partly due to the difficulty building constructions on the steep hillsides and the area reserved for the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary.

Currumbin was in 2013 given the title of cleanest beach in Australia. This prestigious title was awarded at a ceremony at Coogee Beach, Western Australia by the national organization Keep Australia Beautiful and was in addition particularly commended for its excellence in partnerships and community involvement.