Sonya Rentsh
Tony is a man of his word. I called him on a Wednesday afternoon and the next morning he was “on the job” and got everything done just as he had promised, at the price he quoted.
Sonya Rentsh Varsity Lakes, QLD
Stacey Direnzo
Being a 2-single girls household you could only imagine the help we needed after moving into our new apartment. Not only building, hanging and drilling, but first unbuilding, unhanging and undrilling all of our failed efforts.
Stacey Direnzo Miami, QLD
Jessica Taylor
A friend recommended Tony to us when we were remodeling our bathroom and our contractor was running way behind schedule. I immediately loved his straightforward no nonsense approach. He told us exactly how long it would take to complete the job, gave us an excellent bid and *gasp* showed up everyday on time. He is absolutely a wonderful worker and does the work as if it was his own.  He did a great job for us and we will have him continue to help us improving our home.
Jessica Taylor Elanora, QLD
Marc Boyd
Excellent handyman! I called him with a semi emergency during the easter break and after trying at least ten other businesses with no luck he was the only person that answered the phone and agree to help. I was so relieved when he agreed to come over and find out why the dishwaser wasn’t draining correctly. In less than an hour he had the whole thing pulled apart and put back together. I went back to entertaining my family and friends and after he fixed the dishwasher he left me what I consider a very reasonable bill.
Marc Boyd Palm Beach, QLD
Micheal Lu
Tony was quick, efficient and effective in meeting all our needs, and plus some. We had a great chat while he fixed our attempt to reassemble a dresser, and rehung my shoe rack and that thing on the wall that holds keys.
Micheal Lu Varsity Lakes, QLD
Micheal Reidy
The handyman I normally used was on holiday but he sent me Tony’s information and said “this is the guy who taught me everything I know”. Which is awesome because we had just bought a rental house that needed major facelift. Tony hung a security screen door, installed closet doors, painted, electrical work, mounted mirror, installed faucets, r/r light fixtures and wall plates, stucco patch n paint. Plus picked up large items at Bunnings for the job. If there is something Tony can’t fix it, then it can’t be fixed. Fair price; terrific work.
Micheal Reidy Palm Beach, QLD