Gold Coast Property Maintenance Services

Gold Coast Property Maintenance ready for work in Surfers Paradise

Whether residential or commercial property, having an idea of what our ideal dream home should look like is perhaps something many of us have. Is your current space still a dream in progress or are you fortunate and are already living the dream. Whatever property situation you have, there’s a good chance that you’ll be in need of a skilled handyman at some point.

When this happens you’ll want to hire highly skilled professionals that can efficiently deliver high quality workmanship, on time and at an affordable price. Best Coast Handyman can deliver all of the above and more, irrespective of whether you’re searching for property maintenance for residential or commercial properties. From interior and exterior construction, whether general or more complex, remodeling, repair and/or maintenance services, we’re here to help.

Frequently Asked Questions - Gold Coast Property Maintenance

What Is The Timeframe from Booking Maintenance to Delivery?
After receiving our written proposal, which includes the price of the repair prior to any work, is done, an estimator can be expected to visit your property to assess items named in the proposal with 3 days. Once the proposal has been accepted, work will begin on the project typically within 3 to 5 days.

Will I have to supply any materials – for example paint or tiles and so on?
Materials required for any specific project will be bought by Best Coast Handyman, which will be reflected in the price of the repair, unless the homeowner would prefer to provide the materials, which will also be reflected in the written proposal. When it comes to repair jobs, similar materials to the existing ones are used. As an example; where the paint color is yellow on an area we’ve done drywall repairs, we’ll make use of yellow paint for the repair. Should the property owner have the paint and want us to use it, we will do so and naturally this material will not be charged.

How to You Calculate Pricing?
Our rates are calculated as follows: General Service call = $88 for the first man and first of work. Work that requires a 10 meter ladder = $130 for the first man and first hour of work. An emergency call = $150 but does not include the first hour of work. Labor rates = $44 man/hour. After hours labor rate = $66 man/hour.

I’m a landlord with multiple properties – Am I eligible for discount?
Every case is different, but in general we’re able to offer discounts on larger projects. We offer from 10% to 20% discount on jobs from repeat customers who provide us with a fair amount of repeated business.

Can you also provide maintenance on a smaller scale for example shelving and other types of general home repairs?
Yes we can. With the exception of intricate plumbing and electrical work, we can do almost any kind of general home repair. However, this may not be economical for homeowners since our usual labor rates apply. For example; putting up a shelf would cost $88.

For what period of time is your work guaranteed?
After making a repair, we will come back and correct the error at no charge for up to 1 month, if the same issue reoccurs. We can provide certificates for roofing that warrant our work for up to 90 days. Even though we work only with quality products and materials, issues can always arise. When the material is faulty and not the workmanship itself, because the material is out of our control, there is no guarantee.

One of the most important investments of our lives is real estate and to maintain its value for many years to come, regular upkeep and general maintenance will help you achieve this effectively. Hiring a maintenance company like Best Coast Handyman to execute large as well as small projects, you’ll know that you’re in the good hands of skilled experts that deliver on their promise.